Donate to the Amherst Project

Partner with the Amherst Project by donating

The Amherst Project is a non-profit setup by Shane and Dan to financially assist them in their work. Donations to the Amherst Project gives them the operating funds for things like;

  • Various events and activities, books, supplies and materials

Also, consider supporting our staff

Each of our staff have to raise their own funding to work with the Amherst Project. Would you consider partnering with their vision to change lives at UMass.

Shane Adams

Shane Adams: Minister, Amherst Project Director, and Co founder of Freedom Cafe

Consider Supporting Shane and Treva Adams

Shane’s ministry focus is working with students, faculty, and staff to see the character of Jesus in us and the students we work with through our love and deeds.

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Dan and Beth

Dan Johnson: Minister, Manager and Co founder of Freedom Cafe

Consider Supporting Dan Johnson

Dan’s ministry focus is on establishing, managing and expanding upon the Freedom Cafe and its vision to;

  • Build vocational centers in India for human trafficking survivors and teens at risk of being sold.
  • Educate our community about human trafficking, and give them opportunities to get involved.
  • Foster an others-focused community of volunteers and activists of compassion.

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