Dan & Beth Johnson

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Dan and Karis

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Dan, Beth and Karis

Born: April 7th 1979 in Minnesota
Education: North Central University, BA in Campus Ministry 2003
Bio: In 1997 God called me to pursue His will for my life. In 2001 I found that God was leading me to be a minster to college students. In 2003 I moved to Boston and completed an internship with Chi Alpha. In 2006 I moved to Western Massachusetts to begin a work at UMass with Shane Adams. I soon married Elizabeth in 2007 and had our daughter Karis in 2010.
In 2013 we opened the Freedom Café at Umass to pull together a team of students who love people and want to work together to change lives by building vocational centers in India for the trafficked or those in high risk. Since our opening I have joined the Southern New England Anti Human Trafficking Task Force to assist in he growth of the Freedom Café in our district. I can be found riding my motorcycle.
Family: Married to Elizabeth Johnson, Daughter Karis (Born June 9th 2010)


My Vision

Being a disciple of Christ starts with love and others-centeredness. Living as a Christian is to follow the teachings of Christ and lead others by example. I believe that the foundation of my ministry moving forward is a radical shift into leading people into an others-centered Christianity where faith and works move together like a dance. I envision a community of UMass students working together to bring justice to those caught in the snare of human trafficking. I envision a gathering of Christ followers living life together, centered around a corporate devotion to scripture, prayer, discipleship and service. As a follower of Jesus Christ, I believe in the mandate to serve our fellow man without showing partiality. I believe that the world is ready and waiting for move of God in our world. He has called me to start at UMass. Join me!

Visit the Freedom Café Homepage | My vision for the Freedom Café

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How to partner with us

Thank you so much for wanting to partner with us in reaching the University. We have some exciting things beginning this fall, and I really need your partnership to see it happen. The launch of the Freedom Café is going to require that I am on campus every day working with students. My vision for the freedom Café

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